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Export artwork for print
File formats compared :-

What is exporting and why would I want to do it?
Most artwork programs have export options that allow you to convert your artwork to file formats that can be understood by other programs. You may want to do this for various reasons :-
     Perhaps we do not have local access to some resource used in your artwork.
     Perhaps we do not have the same program or version that you used to create your artwork.
     Maybe you want to simplify a complex job into a single file to eliminate potential problems.
     Perhaps you want to make your artwork files smaller for sending over the internet.
Exporting your artwork allows you to send us self contained final files that are produced from your computer not ours.
Basically it is a fact of life that a program running on your computer may not produce exactly the same results as the same program running on our computer. Usually this is caused by variations in environment between your system and ours.
Below is a listing of common export formats. Clicking the links takes you to a short description of the requirements for each.

PDF/ACROBAT - Adobe portable document format
This is a very good format to use when done properly. Can be complex and confusing to the novice.

EPS - Encapsulated Postscript
When donen properly this is as good as PDF - it's also usually simpler to set up.

PS - Postscript
Often problematical for the inexperienced - rarely used except when creating Pdf files

JPEG, TIF, etc - Bitmap formats
Reliable but can potentially produce inferior results

PSD - Photoshop document
Often not fully self contained

There are worthwhile advantages to sending us exported artwork. However, these formats are not normally designed to be edited. This usually means that if you don't get it right you will have to do it again and re-send your artwork. If you are not already experienced in this area we strongly recommend that you read the page above that relates to your chosen format.
NOTE: The 2 most common errors people make when exporting their artwork is to not allow correct bleeds and gutters and not embedding fonts.