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PSD Files
Creating artwork using Photoshop :-

What is a PSD
A photoshop document is basically a bitmap format with added features. If you are contemplating using Photoshop to create your artwork you should read our bitmap help page before you read this page.

What added features?
Mainly layers and fonts.

Bitmap Settings
You need to use the correct settings when creating your bitmaps.
Resolution : In all cases ideally never less than 300dpi at same size
CMYK or Greyscale Picture Resolution : Ideally 400dpi at same size
CMYK or Greyscale Lineart Resolution : Ideally 600 - 800dpi at same size
Monochrome Lineart Resolution : 1200 dpi at same size
Compression : JPEG at maximum quality or LZW
RGB Stuff: Convert to suitable colour model

REMEMBER : To add required bleeds and gutters. Convert everything to CMYK that should be CMYK and everything to greyscale that should be greyscale. Do not send RGB bitmaps unless you are happy to live with our automatic colour conversion.