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Bitmap Origination
Producing bitmap files for print :-

Recommended bitmap specification :
However you produce your bitmap files they really should conform to the following spec. for best results.
   Colour scans and pictures : CMYK 32 bit colour. 300dpi or greater at same size.
   Greyscale scans and pictures : Greyscale 8 bit colour. 300dpi or greater at same size.
   Mono/Lineart scans and illustrations : 1 bit mono. 1000 dpi or greater at same size.
Increasing this spec. will waste space and not greatly improve your results. Reducing this spec. will very likely give inferior quality.

Digital cameras : Modern digital cameras often produce excellent results though they typically save the pictures as an RGB jpeg image which you will have to convert to CMYK for printing. We would recommend that you use the highest quality setting which generally means less jpeg compression. To produce an A4 picture at something approaching ideal quality requires approximately nine megapixels (A4 is roughly 12 inches by 8.5 inches so 12 inches x 300dpi x 8.5 inches x 300dpi gives 9.18 million pixels).

Scanning : Modern scanners usually give excellent results but, like digital cameras, they produce RGB images that you will need to convert to CMYK for print. Office type machines are usually designed for reflective originals and may not cope very well with transparencies or negatives. At the time of writing a top end scanner with a skilled operator and a large format transparency original will still outclass a digital camera in most situations.