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Artwork Checklist
Use this checklist for reliable results . :-

This checklist covers most of the problems we regularly encounter with customers artwork   . . . . .

  • If you are sending press ready PDF   Help
  • Don't forget to send ALL the fonts you have used   Help
  • Don't forget to send ALL your linked graphics   Help
  • Beware of "Drag and Drop"   Help
  • CMYK cannot reliably match Pantone and RGB colours   Help
    eg Reflex Blue printed CMYK is not like Reflex Blue as a Pantone spot colour
  • Don't set white objects on overprint Help
    Transparent white objects are invisible
  • Remember to add suitable bleeds
  • Set overprint black where appropriate
    Appropriate most of the time
  • Avoid creating fine black text using CMYK  Help
    Use black ink only for best results
  • Don't try to match colours to an uncalibrated monitor or printer
  • Have you used any low res bitmaps?
    Ideally bitmaps should be 300dpi MINIMUM at same size
  • Do you have an effective proofing procedure?
    This is absolutely vital !!!   The simple fact is you will always make mistakes, we all do ...