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Howto Guide
CorelDraw EPS export settings :-

Why use Corel EPS Export? - Because it's the best for the following reasons
   1). Easy to do - uncomplicated setup
   2). Reliable - they always work.
   3). Converts to CMYK on export
   4). Converts fonts to curves
   5). Preserves your trapping and overprint
   6). Autotraps on export
   7). Autotraps to bitmaps
   8). Overprint black option

Corel EPS export automatically makes most of the problems people encounter in sending files to a remote service provider go away with a couple of clicks. We would far rather you used Corel EPS than Corel PDF - or any other PDF for that matter.

Settings screen grabs - Corel EPS Export Diolog Box.
Select "Export" from the "File" menu and then "EPS - Encapsulated Postscript". Give your export file a sensible name and then press "Export". The EPS Export Diolog Box then appears. The screen grabs below show our settings. Simply replicate our settings on your system, press "OK" and your done. Corel Help explains these settings if you're interested.




These screen grabs were taken from Corel 12 but are pretty much the same in any recent version.

Caveats -

  • In some older versions of CorelDraw the Postscript level 3 export is a bit flakey. We recommend that you use our online proofing system to verify such files. We use a composite workflow and would prefer you to send level 3 files if at all possible. Level 1 files don't support compression and tend to be huge.
  • Circumstances may arise where you want to disable overprint black to prevent the objects beneath showing through large black areas.
  • In some older versions of CorelDraw (prior to Ver. 12) the default separations ICC profile shipped with the program appears to be faulty and occasionally produces alarming colour shifts. We have provided an alternative 3M Matchprint Euroscale profile for you to download and install in these cases. See Howto install a colour profile with CorelDraw.