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Howto Guide
Load an ICC Colour Profile in CorelDraw :-

Settings screen grab - Corel Colour Management Diolog Box.
Select "Color Management" from the "Tools" menu and the colour management dialog box appears. This is where you set the appropriate colour profiles for the various devices on your system. Colour profiles are used to map one colour space onto another. In our case we usually want to map the default Corel RGB colour space onto a low gain offset press.
To do this simply click the drop-down box below the picture of a printing press and either select the required profile from the list or click the "Get profile from disk" option.


Colour Management - The theory.
As you can see from the above screen grab the Corel colour management system maps colour between the generic RGB colour space of CorelDraw and the various devices on your system. In theory if you set the style to "Optimised for professional output" and then set each colour profile to the appropriate one for your devices plus a low gain offset press, you should have a colour calibrated system in place. (you would need to obtain icc profiles from the manufacturers of you monitor, scanner and colour inkjet or laser) Corel should then consistently map colour between each device and you should then be able to make rough colour judgements with your monitor and your office colour printer. That's the theory, anyway.