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Caralan Howtos
Step-by-step guide to sending a print order to Caralan :-

Seven steps for sending your print job to Caralan
Everyone has their own way of doing things and we don't want to rigidly dictate how you should work. However, if you have never sent a job to us before you may be a bit unsure of the best way to tackle it and so we have created this Howto Guide to help you navigate the processes involved. This isn't set in stone and you may completely ignore it if you wish, though it often doesn't pay to cut corners.
Writing everything out like we have here does make the process look more complicated than it is. This is because we have tried to cover every aspect - most of this is just common sense and much of it you will probably already know.
This is a good system though, and we've seen thousands of print jobs created by many, many different people.

The steps involved in a typical job :-
  1. Create your artwork
  2. Proof your artwork
  3. Prepare your job for print
  4. Send your files to us
  5. Place your order
  6. Check and confirm our proof of your job
  7. Receive delivery

We have created a separate page for each one of these steps - see the sub-menu above.

We recommend that you read all the steps before you start to get an overview of how things are done.
Then use each page in turn as a companion as your job progresses from step to step.

Remember, cutting corners in print can be a false economy. A price is often paid later that
dwarfs the original saving.